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Professional welding school with final exam

Training room with 40 seats
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We have the right qualifications for welding.
And certification as a school for welding.

Here are our current capacity for the training of qualified audits.

For the professional and practical training, in which the apprentice as well as the
certified welders in accordance with national and international guidelines
can be qualified in welding, welding equipment and have modern equipment
are available.

311 / gas welding (311)                                                                    (20 seats)
111 / manual metal arc welding (steel and stainless)                            (25 seats)
135 / metal arc welding (GMAW)                                                       (25 seats)
131 / metal inert gas welding (MIG)                                                   (25 seats)
136 / metal active gas welding with flux cored wire (136)                     (10 seats)
141 / tungsten inert gas welding (GTAW / TIG) (TIG non-ferrous metals) (25 seats)

The further education and training (in collaboration with companies
the employment office and other institutions conducted mediate) knowledge,
which usually lead to examinations of welders.

The welder can be used in following activities:

Vehicle - Maintenance / Aircraft / tooling / metal and mechanical engineering / mechanical engineering and plant construction / Metal / Metal Art / Hobby / Shipbuilding / supply, installation / welding of all kinds

Flamecutters pipes
WIG / TIG welding equipment
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Flamecutters sheets
MAG / MIG welding equipment
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